Douglas Hayward was a tailor sometimes more renowned for his friendships with film stars than for the suits he cut but he was first and foremost one of the best technical bespoke tailors working in London during his day. This is why Hayward Tailoring’s reputation for the perfect suit was well earned and fiercely protected.

Hayward’s distinctive style is one of refined elegance featuring a natural soft shoulder, high waist we create unique pieces for unique people respecting our legacy of modern and understated elegance for each project.

The tools of the trade

A Hayward bespoke suit is handcrafted with years of experience and knowledge to achieve an exceptional and incomparable finish to the exact specification of each client.The exclusive service we offer is the quintessence of refinement allowing our customers to turn their sartorial dream into reality.

The Duke of York fitting with Douglas

The Bespoke Process

The bespoke process always starts with a personal consultation with your tailor laying the foundation of a trust and friendship which can last for decades.

After discussing your tastes and style we guide you through selecting a fabric from our luxury collection and then measure you for the perfect silhouette. From this we will create a unique pattern for your suit which will fit you better than anything else you have ever worn.

A Cotton twill for Roger Moore’s leather jacket in A View To A Kill

We are so excited to continue the next phase of the Hayward bespoke journey with Delroy and his team. No-one in London better understands the juxtaposition between the formality of a suit and the character and charisma of the wearer. Like Douglas he blends impeccable technical tailoring and the finest fabrics with a relaxed charm to create suits which are uniquely and wonderfully yours.

What will your number be?

The Bespoke Journey Continues

Since opening in 1963 Hayward has offered the highest quality bespoke garments, immersing our clients into a world of tradition and elegance. Customers entering 95 Mount Street to embark on their bespoke journey became part of our glamorous story, allowing their patterns to hang amongst those of Steve McQueen, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Ralph Lauren and more.
Now we have moved to work with one of Douglas Hayward’s finest Delroy Smith master tailor and his impeccable team so the Hayward bespoke journey continues . . .

Roger Moore & Douglas

Our collaboration with Delroy Smith

Delroy is a third generation tailor and follows in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, JB Smith.

At the age of 17, Delroy started working for Gucci and was heavily influenced by the beautiful tailoring and fine clothes that surrounded him. It was here he decided to continue the family trade.

He went on to study at the London College of Fashion and then took an apprenticeship with Costello & Sons. It was there he learnt the intricate and technical process of cutting for film, stage, military and civilian clothing.

After 5 years Delroy made a defining career move to work and study under the most influential tailor of the swinging 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Douglas Hayward of Mount Street.
It was at this point that he felt his education had started. Douglas taught him everything and watching him everyday was a blessing and a real eye opener.

The working atmosphere was very relaxed and we were taught to have a laugh and relax with customers. You then get a better judgement of how that suit will fit if the client is relaxed.

“Every day was different and it was one of the best times in my career”.

Delroy now with over 30 years of experience, has launched his own tailoring house, Delroy Smith Master Tailor, where he continues to work with a team of the best craftsmen – some of whom have been with him since his days at Hayward.

In addition, his loyal clientele have continued to follow him wherever he goes, as they enjoy the bespoke experience that Delroy offers in combination with his extensive knowledge and craftsmanship. His style is now a continuation of what Douglas Hayward taught him, so now the Hollywood elegance, style and high standard quality of bespoke tailoring continues to live on.